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Cooking is a life skill which has been in decline for many years, but with the rise in popularity of the ‘celebrity’ chef, we have seen a surge of interest in people wanting to experience new and exciting foods from around the world.

You may have already tried the delights of the Stoves Dining Experience, so why not learn some of the tricks of the trade or just some of the basic life skills.

At the Cookery Academy we aim to help establish the chefs of the future and expand the knowledge of all budding foodies.

You could have a half day skills workshop for as little as £80! What could you learn and take home to impress your friends and family!

Browse through our courses below, or click the button to contact us for more information and check availability.

Our cookery courses

Butchery Cookery Courses

Butchery Cookery Courses Bring that caveman out with this hardcore butchery course. The one day course consists of various butchery ...

Meat and Poultry Cookery Courses

Meat and Poultry Cookery Courses Learn the core skills needed to cook the perfect steak, poach a chicken in white ...

Cookery for the boys

Cookery for the boys So let's talk all manly here, ARGH...!! And beat our hairy chests like Tarzan! I'm sorry ...

Kids cookery courses

Kids cookery courses You must remember licking the cake mixture off the spoon when you were child! With hectic family ...

Pasta and Sauces Cookery Courses

Pasta and Sauces Cookery Courses Pasta! There really is nothing more satisfying a food than your very own hand made ...

Fishy on a dishy Cookery Courses

Fishy on a dishy Cookery Courses This course will start with the basics of fish fillet through to the tricky ...

University Cookery Courses

University Cookery Courses A straight forward students survival course, Do not fret this will help you survive on a budget ...

Sweet tooth cookery courses

Sweet tooth cookery courses I have to say even I have sweet tooth, so this must make me an expert ...

Cookery for the ladies

Cookery for the ladies So you want to celebrate in style, well Stoves Dining can help, and we will guide ...


Confidence Booster Courses Do you feel like you're missing some basic skills and cooking knowhow? This starter day will arm ...

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