We love spice as a nation, where would we be without, fruity spiced mince pies, and hot cross buns or just think, no curry!

It’s not worth contemplating.

So I bet you are thinking how’s this linked to rhubarb, well so many spices bring a combination of flavours from rhubarb, especially after copious amounts of sugar to counteract the tartness of fresh rhubarb. 

I remember eating raw rhubarb as a kid and dipping it in the sugar caddy, personally I think it was an excuse to eat sugar, but once you have cooked rhubarb you elevate this humble vegetable to new heights, and the best bit is that it retains it flavours and one could say improve with the addition of some well-chosen spices, so many fruits and vegetables loose their flavours during the cooking process.

So through the store cupboard I go (it’s a bit like lion witch and the wardrobe), and here we are what I’m looking for, cardamom, ground ginger and vanilla, all the spices I need to make this dish.

Now for the rhubarb out of the garden, (did you know that rhubarb comes in to season on 25th December and is technically a vegetable) I grow my rhubarb under an old galvanised steel bath tub which protects these tender blanched stems from the cold nights.

So now down to the nitty gritty!

What to do with my garden Rhubarb? Ginger pastry duck egg custard with Gin rhubarb compote
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